About 2econd Nature

The quartet is built around the music of bassist Peter Williams, whose original compositions have their roots in Latin, Bebop and Cool Jazz.

Bass: Peter Williams’ swinging grooves and melodic themes are born of his experiences as a self taught musician and life artist – as a cyclist in the Alps, as a run away with the circus and currently as a full time member of the Paul Harrison Band.

Piano: Robert Jønsson’s playful Latin style combined with his sometimes rude choice of notes and crooked rhythms excites and exhilarates the listener.

Drums: Mikkel Uth Ovesen a travelling Buddhist, whose pervasive and unpredictable style drives the band with a seemingly inexhaustible catalogue of rhythmic chicanery.

Saxophone: Adrian Strømberg is the quartet’s guarantee of crisp melodic phrasing, that often brings to mind the unmistakable sound of bebop.

Together these four musicians genuinely deliver the basic defining qualities of jazz – swing, groove, and a unique, melodic voice.

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